Fog not showing in all viewports

I am running pro SU19. Fog will not appear in all of my layout view ports despite using the same style for each view port. First elevation in series appears fine, all others nothing doing. Does anyone get this and know of a fix? Also anti-aliasing not working in Layout.

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Does fog “display” in each scene in ScetchUp?
If not, update each scene in SketchUp with that style (including fog) applied.
Then LaYOut must be applying these scenes (referenced to the updated scenes in SketchUp). Otherwise the connection between LayOut scenes and SketchUp may be broken.

In addition to @g.h.hubers comments, make sure none of the viewports show their scenes as modified and make sure they are all rendered as Raster, not Hybrid or Vector.
Here are four viewports in LO rendered as Raster and you can see Fog works fine. The fifth one at the lower right was rendered as Hybrid and it doesn’t show the fog.

Hi Thanks for your reply,

Fog displays in all scenes in SU, think it may be related to vector vs raster rendering?

Hi Dave,

This sounds likely, can you clarify how to change viewports in Layout to raster please?

Select the viewports, go to the SketchUp Model panel in the tray, or activate from the Window menu and select Raster in the Render drop down at the lower right corner of the panel.

Hi Dave

Result! - all working nicely


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Good news!

FWIW, if you do want to have vector edges shown with fog, you could use more than one scene in SketchUp and stack viewports in LayOut. For example I created three scenes from the same camera position. One showing just the Morris chair in Hidden Line and no fog, the second is the lamp with the same style, and the third is edges off, textured and fog.

Then in LO, the viewports are stacked with the two in Hidden Line rendered as Vector. I used different lineweights for those two so the edges on the lamp are thinner creating a bit of depth to go along with the fog.

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