Fog in LayOut viewport and PDF don't match

My viewports that have “fogged” settings display in LayOut just fine, however, when exporting to PDFs just show as solid line, not greyed-out or fogged.

Are you still using SketchUp/LayOut 2018 as you indicate in your profile?

How is the viewport rendered? Share the LO file so we can see what you are working with.

Hi Dave,

I’m using the latest release of SketchUp and LayOut.
1522 Ramona (WORKING COPY).layout (7.6 MB)

Thanks for looking into this for me.

Please update your forum profile while I’m looking.

So you’re hoping for something like this?

Instead of using Fog in the SketchUp file draw a rectangle in LayOut on a layer between the two viewports, give it white fill with some level of transparency. In the following screen shot I modified the color only so it would show.

You should probably go through your SketchUp model and sort out the tag usage. Best workflow is to keep all edges and faces untagged.
Screenshot - 11_4_2023 , 10_45_45 AM

Also purge unused stuff from your model.
Screenshot - 11_4_2023 , 10_46_07 AM

Wow, that’s incredible Dave! Thanks for your prompt and knowledgeable reply. As for my workflow, yes it is rugged indeed. I know this sounds ignorant, but how do ‘keep all edges and faces untagged?’ When I create a group, say a 2x8 rafter, I draw it untagged, then make it a group, and then, finally, assign it to a tag. Is this incorrect?

Thanks again!!!

You’re quite welcome.

Yes. You assign the tag to the grou but make sure you aren’t assigning the tag to the geometry. Also make sure that Untagged is always active. (pencil icon to the far right of the tag panel.

If you explode groups/components the contents will inherit the tag. So if you explode a group to raw geometry, the geometry winds up with the tag.

TIG’s Default Layer Geometry plugin from Sketchucation makes quick work of correcting the tagged geometry.