No fog in Layout

Fog is not showing in Layout raster viewports although the SU19 scenes clearly show the fog.

I have other SU19 files that do show fog in their Layout viewports - contemporaneously with this situation of NOT showing fog.

I have screen shots that show the full-screen image of the scene in SU with fog and one that shows the full-screen image from LO without fog. I also have one that shows another file that shows the fog CAN appear in my LO windows on this particular machine with this particular graphics card, etc .

I have read other similar posts to no avail, and, it appears that I don’t know ow to attach a PNG file.

Can you share the LO file so we can see exactly what you’ve got going on?

Note that fog does not apply in vector rendered viewports and can appear less dramatic in Hybrid because edges are rendered as vector and thus don’t fade out like they would in raster rendered viewports.

I’m happy to. Have you ever taken your car to a mechanic because of an apparent problem and when you get there …

My viewports were on raster; the appropriate buttons for Shadow and Fog were selected - as you can see in the screen shots. However, just now I tried right-clicking in the viewport and picked “Update Model Reference” and - voila - fog. The model references had already been updated in the File-Document Setup process, but still, clicking “Update Model Reference” seems to have fixed things at least for now. I can think of no other actions that I had done that may have triggered this.

I asked for the actual LO file. Here’s what I see: