FLOWIFY to generate more input?

How to generate more input to an extention? Anny One :slight_smile:

You won’t get many helpful answers without giving more detailed information about your question…

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What is FLOWITY?

Hi, Its an extention to create a Flow wrap on your 3D project

I’ve heard of Flowify but never Flowity. Maybe you could provide a link to it so we can take a look.

So what do you want to know about it? Do we need to guess?

Hé, off course not…
My question is “how to generate more input”, because I get this error… to low input…

Hopefully someone who uses this “Flowity” extension will come along. I couldn’t even find any reference to it in a Google search.


I will look for an other extention Thx

Please try to describe as accurately and precisely as necessary so that someone who has not your knowledge of your situation and context can understand what you mean. Make it easy to help you.

  • Which extension are you using? e.g. name and link from where it was obtained
  • What were you trying to achieve? Try to use SketchUp terms, like entity, face etc. that your readers are familiar with. Try to replace pronouns by full nouns.
  • What steps did you do?
  • What happened differently from what you expected to happen?
  • What is this “wrap”? What kind of “input” does the extension take, and what input do you want to give more? What is the full error message?

Flowityits a Extrude Tool
create fully wrapped model
i created a frame, model.
When i selected the modeln blue colloured, i click the extention to go modelling
i get an error. not enough input…

Since it seems impossible to get useful information about what you are trying to do, could you at least provide us with a link to the extension so we can take a look at that. As I said before, I can’t even find an extensions called “Flowity”. As much as I’d like to help, there’s no way to do it without being able to see what this extension does.

It would also help if you upload the SketchUp model so we can see what you’ve got and maybe what you still need.

There’s plenty of people here who are willing to help you but you need to help us. We aren’t mind readers.

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Off topic:
Your Graphics Card is looks similar as a password…:key:




Isn’t it interesting how failure to spell an extension’s name correctly results in confusion and wasted time?

Start here: http://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=323&t=61363

Hallo, Im Dutch speaking… I speack French, German and Englisch… give me a brake

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You could have said “Ja, that is it” :wink:

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The answer is here:

Just watch the video e.g.: " [How To Use Flowify Plugin | Sketchup]" :facepunch:t4: :wink:

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Hé Dezmo, thank you, :+1:

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Accurately copying an Extension’s name into your text is relatively easily.
Help us to help you - our last two hours together were pretty much ‘wasted’.

Also there’s no shame in using GoogleTranslate…
Then your last post would read more sensibly too - translate from Dutch to English and back again, if it still makes sense, then use it.

Hallo, ik ben Nederlands sprekend … Ik spreek een beetje Frans, Duits en Engels … geef me een pauze…
Hello, I’m Dutch speaking… I speak some French, German and English… give me a break.
I trust my translation is sensible ?

Het nauwkeurig kopiëren van de naam van een extensie in uw tekst is relatief eenvoudig.

Help ons om je te helpen - onze laatste twee uur samen waren behoorlijk ‘verspild’.

Ook is er geen schande bij het gebruik van GoogleTranslate …
Dan zou je laatste post ook verstandiger lezen - vertalen van het Nederlands naar het Engels en weer terug, als het nog steeds zinvol is, gebruik het dan.