Flowify installation

Hey guys I need help in installing the Flowify plugin to my sketchup version 2018…

Window > Extension Warehouse and click Install

I tried to install but unable to get that option in skechup

You need to be logged in.
Or you can download the file from https://extensions.sketchup.com/extension/79bc42e4-d0d2-4a49-9b0a-1bd24ef3b3e7/flowify and in Sketchup go to Window > Extension Manager > Install extension

I have uploaded the screenshot… i went through the option you have sent me… but after I click install extension it takes me to the page where I dont see anything to install… I have attached the screenshot of the same.

You need to go to where you downloaded the file to your hard drive, maybe in the Downloads folder.

Hey i do not find the same in the download file option or in any other place… m tired… its been a week am trying to install the same… if you dnt mind me asking… where are you from…?

Open the link in webbrowser to extension warehouse - flowify

click on download
The browser should show you a download window

Now open sketchup and open Extension-Manager and click on install extension

In the open file dialog go to the download location, where your browser stores download and open the flowify rbz


Other way: open sketchup -> window -> extension warehouse
Logon and search for flowify and click on install ---- Done

Okay, the second screenshot you sent me… I don’t get the small window as shown in the screenshot … when I click on install… it just says done and I dont find the same in my hardrive anywhere… lemme ping you the same step by step… may be you can help me…

Your screenshots show that the extension is installed.
The issue would appear to be that you are trying to use it without using any geometry.


Search here in the forum - there are some examples how to use flowify.

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Sure… Lemme give a try then… thanks a ton