Floor plan question?

Hi gang, I am attaching a floorplan i did in sketchup for a showroom my wife is doing. All the items you see are of course to scale and they have to be individually labeled to tell what items they are.

We have to do this so that the people moving in the furniture have these plans to go by in order to set out the furniture placement.

I have layout and wondering what the best way to do this would be? would it be easiest to section plane this floorplan in SU into a couple scenes then send to layout and lable the furniture in there so that it can be printed off in 1/4 scale?

Any intel would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you


Layout is your friend here. If you have this plan view saved in parallel view, save the SU file and import to layout and select 1/4" scale and you will be able to print it off as such. Not sure what printer/plotter you have, so maybe you could do it in sections if needed.
The dimensioning and labeling will be easier and clearer in layout too, with the ability to more easily chose colors and fonts, size etc.

I would change the style so the background is white and save on some ink while you’re at it.

If you select a larger paper size (A1?) that will fit this at the scale you need it will be better and then export as a pdf. Even with a smaller printer it can be set to fit whatever paper size it prints on so could be output on 8.5 x 11. (obviously not to a measurable scale other than what’s noted on the print).

Of course you could output to scale in SU but its not as easy and you will lose the benefits of LO tools.

Thats great guys! Thank you!


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That worked perfectly!!! Thank you soooo much!!!