Floor plan question? HELP!

Hi gang, I am in the process of completing a floor plan for a showroom my wife wants me to do ARGH! I am new to floor plans but I have created it to scale in SU but now I need to transfer to layout and print off in a couple pages to 1/4" scale.

What would be the best way to do this? Use my section plane and divide the floor plan up then send to layout? I also have to lable each piece of furniture in the floorplan so that the items can be moved where they need to be.

thanks so much! I have attached a pic of the floor plan I am working with.


I would create a single scene showing what you have there. Make sure the Camera is set to Parallel Projection and the standard Top view is selected. Set the scale in LayOut to 1/4":1’ and drag the sides of the viewport to adjust what you see. DO NOT double click on the viewport to move the camera. Just drag the edges of the viewport.

Are you planning to print this on more than one sheet? If so, you can copy the viewport to multiple pages and adjust the sides of each viewport to show the part you want to show. Once you’ve set the scale correctly on the first page, you won’t need to adjust that on the other pages.

If you named all of the furniture components in the model, you can use Auto Text to create the labels.

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