Floor Plan is locked? I cant click on any groups

Everything seemed to be fine. I created a barstool and couldn’t tag it. Then I couldn’t click on any group. Not sure what I did. It’s like it’s all locked up. Any ideas?
IDI ASM Assignment.skp (5.1 MB)

I don’t see anything locked in your model. I also don’t see a bar stool. There are a bunch of components and groups in the model. To edit any of them you’d have to open them first.

There’s a bit of incorrect tag usage in your file. ALL edges and faces should be created AND REMAIN untagged.
Screenshot - 4_24_2024 , 12_40_34 PM

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your forum profile with the version number. Also add the Mac OS version number.

You are fighting against the grey plane - I had a hard time selecting things (I’m on a Mac) until I deleted it.

I’m Using Sketchup Pro 2023
Mac Monterey 12.3

I cant seem to click on any groups to manipulate them. I deleted the barstool and tried to go back several steps to see if I could get back to where I went wrong.

Set the camera to Perspective and then hit Zoom Extents.

Put that in your forum profile please.

12.3 is not the current version.

Deleted what, the program? I’m not sure what you mean by fighting the gray plane. I’m still trying to learn the basics.

Thank you . That did the trick. I updated my profile.
Are you suggesting I update my OS?

I deleted the grey plane in your model and then was able to easily select the groups.

Good. It would seem my suggestion should be marked as the solution in case someone else comes along with the same sort of problem.

Thank you.

Not necessarily. You could, but if you do, also update to SketchUp 2024.