"Floating Toolbar" vs. Fixed Toolbar

I’ve done something, and now instead of the Large Tool Set being fixed (“pinned”) to the left side of the drawing space, it just floats. Windows 10, how to fix?

Grab the floating Toolbar by an edge and drag it to the desired side of the drawing space [or top etc].
It should ‘snap’ into the chosen position…

Btw, “docked” is the formal word if you ever want to do a web search for this functionality.

What if it doesn’t dock? I’ve tried that many different ways and am not yet successful…

Have you tried grabbing the top of the toolbar? Hold the left mouse button down and push it towards the edge of the screen and it should prompt the side to “pop out”. Just let go of the mouse button.

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That’s been my technique but there is no reaction as shown on your screen grab. It’s as if the Main Sketchup window just doesn’t exist.

Do you have the SketchUp window maximised to the screen? If not, maximise it. I can replicate the ignore behaviour if the window is not maximised.

Assuming your ‘technique’ is as described…
It could be a few other things - e.g.
Your Graphics Card Drivers need updating ?
Or you have not installed SketchUp properly…
To fix that…
While logged into your PC as your normal user account [NOT as the special administrator user, although if your normal user has some admin-powers that’s OK]
Ensure SketchUp is closed.
Find the installer exe file - usually in your Downloads folder ?
Select the exe file’s icon, right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”
When prompted choose “Repair”.
When it completes restart SketchUp and see if things improve…

Installing any complex app like SketchUp in any other way will cause all sorts of unpredictable issues - often around permissions - e.g. toolbar locations saved to pref files…
Never ‘Run’ an installer’s exe file by double-clicking it - even if you have some admin-powers it is NOT the same thing !

Maximizing the Window did the trick. Many thanks.

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I discovered that I use dual monitors… SketchUp being on the Right screen, I had to move SketchUp to the Left screen so the Large toolbar had nowhere to go but Dock itself. I hope this helps.