Can't pin extension toolbar to top

SU Make 2017
On a dell XPS13 with a 3200x1800 UHD screen I can’t pin the extension toolbars to the top of the window. I have no problem on my other laptop or desktop. 1920x1080 It must have something to do with this screen. oR did I miss something?
The SU large toolbar is pinned to the side of the screen no problem.
The others are just laying around. When I move them into position nothing happens - they don’t snap to the toolbar. Normally it drops down another row and it snaps into it.

When you install SketchUp it must be done in a certain way.
You need to be logged in as a normal user [not the main admin, and having admin powers or not as a normal user is unimportant].
Find the installer exe file’s icon [probably in your Downloads folder].
Select it, right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”
Follow the prompts.
If it’s already installed and you are trying to correct it choose ‘Repair’ when prompted…

Installing apps in other ways - like double-clicking the installer’s icon - is NOT sufficient to get everything set up correctly…

Having a slightly askew installation can have all sorts of flaky consequences - including toolbar and shortcut issues…

Well after a LOT of playing around with it I finally got them to dock. I did repair install SU, but with the effort to get them there I am not convinced the repair made the difference. I got the main toolbar undocked on the desktop and had a hell of a time getting it back.
Anyway, now that they are docked the extension icons are almost invisible. The SU icons are OK. It is an issue with the UHD display. I have a few other programs that do similar things. Most can cope with the resolution. May be something you want to look into as these displays are starting to become more popular.

Has lots of possible issues/resolutions…

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