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I think FlexTools is great and really speeds up the use of SketchUp for building design. One issue I’ve noticed however is that when you combine components such as windows into one ‘high level’ component they no longer cut the face. The attached image shows the result.

It means that I can’t for example save all my windows under one component such as ‘Ground Floor Windows’ or they won’t cut the face. Am I missing something, or is that just the way it behaves?

You have to tell Flextools to make that component a cutter. You can do this with your own home made components too, which is mostly what I do.

Select the component
Pick the Wall Cutter Tool
Tell it “Convert to Wall Cutter”

I don’t understand why when you do this, it takes the component away, and you have to put it back in place, but that’s what you have to do.

A finer point, you can enter the component and select parts of it to exclude from cutting, like the exterior trim on this window, or the nuts and washers on a bolt.

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Thanks for your reply.

I tried your solution but I can’t get it to work for what I’m intending it to do i.e potentially choose all the windows on a floor/building on all its faces and create one component of all of them (e.g. ‘Ground Floor Windows’). As you say it takes all the components away and when they reappear they just won’t go back. I can get windows on the same wall to go back and cut, but then it cuts one large hole including the wall betwen the windows.

I think it makes just one hole for a given component, so all the windows together would just get one big hole to hold them all, if that could even happen.

Reminds me of an exchange in Rumpole of the Bailey:

“Shall we join the ladies?”
“Yes, lets join them all into one huge lady!”


Hi Kenny,

Grouping a number of wall cutting components into a component or group un-glues them from the faces they are placed on. Because of this, the wallcutter algorithm doesn’t know which wall faces to cut anymore, and the openings automatically close.

What you can do, is ‘unlink’ the window components from the opening they each created, and after that group them together. Note that once unlinked, the openings become like any regular opening. They won’t be dynamic anymore, so moving or deleting the window components won’t affect the openings anymore.

Check the following video:

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Thanks that’s a useful workaround. It would be good however if they were still dynamic after making them a component, even if it meant ‘relinking’ them first. Any chance that might be possible in the future?

One other problem I’ve just noticed, is if you delete an unlinked component it doesn’t heal the wall and you are left with the cut hole. This makes it impractical to unlink.

You’re right. Once a component is unlinked, the opening is not dynamic anymore and it won’t heal when deleting the component. You cannot relink the opening back to the component, but you can, rather easily, recreate the dynamic opening if needed:

  1. ‘Cut’ the window component.
  2. Delete the (un-linked) opening manually.
  3. ‘Paste In Place’ the component onto the wall component and it will re-cut the opening which will be dynamic again.

I understand the need to group window components after they are placed (without unlinking them from their openings). Maybe we’ll figure this out in a future version, it’s hard to say… but right now it’s not possible.

Thanks for the suggestions. Ideally it would be better if you could address the issue in a future release, although I realise you are very busy!

How do you show the swinging direction for your doors and windows in elevation?

Pointing to the Right? Or Wrong? :wink:

door symbol direction right or wrong


We’ve always thought of this symbol as a triangular flag :triangular_flag_on_post: with the fixed side where the hinges are and the pointy side where the handle is. However, in some places the flag works the other way around, huh?!

As we are now working on a tag (layer) for 2D markings for FlexTools components, we need your advice!

Which way do you mark your swings?

All my career, the point has been on the hinge side. Same symbol for casement, awning, and hopper windows.

old aussie term there 'spazzing out" – I doubt if its PC any more :slight_smile:

In Oz the hinges are on the opposite side {not the point) graphically I have always thought this visually correct as a shape generally needs two hinge points to rotate… was surprised the convention is different in other countries


I never knew that either.

At least where I come from…


I think you’ll need to cater for both arrangements in Flex! In the UK and the US, the arrow points to the hinge. As others have mentioned, in Europe and Australia the arrow points to the opening. Other countries will also vary.

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We’ve had a lot of requests to solve the timeless problem of having doors both open in plan and closed in elevation at the same time, so you wouldn’t need to go back and forth opening and closing doors when switching between your views.

It took us a lot more work and time than expected, but it’s finally here.

You can now create instant plans and elevations from your 3D models with just a few clicks!
You can also make quick changes directly in plan and elevation views.

See more in the blog: https://flextools.cc/blog/

FlexTools - 3D-elevation-plan

There are a lot more improvements in this update. See them all in the release notes: https://flextools.cc/release-notes/.

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I haven’t seen this mentioned. When I try to replace the FlexTools Door with a PCMoor panel door (as suggested), when resizing the door width in Components Options, the whole FlexTools door moves away from its origin. If I try to move the FlexTools Door back to its origin, it immediately jumps back to the shifted location.
Anybody else have this issue? Anyone know a solution?

This sounds like a dynamic components bug where sub-components start jumping around for no apparent reason. Try to undo a few times and then try again.

If it still doesn’t work, save the model. Close and open sketchup. Select the door component and hit the refresh button - the flying sub-components should jump back into place and you could try inserting the pcmoor panel again.

If you’re still having problems, send me the model to: Contact – FlexTools

I was able to accomplish the door panel replacement. Thanks for the tips!

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