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It’s nice to see how you’re using WallCutter for not so obvious scenarios. It should be faster and more stable with rounded objects like the lights and sinks with the latest release, are you seeing any difference?

Where are you using Flexpanels? For the glass windows? The wall cladding? The wooden floor?

Im using WallCutter v0.11.0. I did not face any problem with it yet. Showen components may be created in some previous versions, I`m not sure what version was used (current at the time :smiley: )

New Flex Multi Slider released! :tada:

With any number of leaves you wish, 3 configurations, glass or solid panels - It will cover most of the sliding doors and windows you use day-to-day.

Check it out: https://flextools.cc/blog/new-flex-multi-slider/

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We haven’t done any promotions for a whole year, but hey, today is Black Friday! :smiley:

:point_right: https://flextools.cc/black-friday/

animation_04 cover_03-2020

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@frandzel3d I’m trying to use the double hung window and mullions in lower sash don’t work. Did it get broken in last update or something? I had a friend try and it’s not working for him ether.

Oh yeah, look’s like you hit a bug that wasn’t there before. We’re looking into it and we’ll issue a fix ASAP.

Just released a fix for Double Hung (and a couple of fixes for ComponentFinder). You will want to replace the double-hung windows you’ve used with the latest version from the toolbar.


@frandzel3d thanks you guys rock.


Thanks to Justin for the video!

@frandzel3d Think I found another one. FlexDoor Glass can’t get door handles on both doors or door2.

I believe that’s a feature, not a bug :wink:

To get a handle on the 2nd door - see here: https://flextools.cc/learn/flexdoor/#handles

I typically keep to myself on forums like this but just had a killer experience with support. They helped me out and saved me a ton of time.

This extension is worth every penny. So much time is saved, never any issues, plenty of options, and doesn’t bust the bank. Give this a go and you will be really happy.


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Thanks Matt!
Doing out best :slight_smile:

Hi All, I have a question regarding (solid) Flex Bifolds.

It seems when I change the Sash Panel type to Solid, the bi-folding doors actually separate which looks odd in plan view. I attached a screenshot below to show what I am seeing. Totally new to this plugin as of a few days ago, so there may be an easy fix. I searched for a while and couldn’t find one.

Solid Bifold with large gap at the hinge:

I did customize a glass panel type Flex Bifold and it looks fine, but I could use some help figuring out how to do that without breaking the dynamic quality of the block.

Any news? Would love to see the option to choose rounded profiles, this would vastly improve visual fidelity when rendered. Still using my self-made rounded preset to this date…

Hi Ciro,

Looks like you hit a bug where the solid panels aren’t aligned correctly when they are open and facing outward. We’ll release a fix for this today.

Hi Matt,

The double and triple glazing option is available in all the windows - except for the first two windows (from the left of the toolbar) and the arch window which all work a bit differently.

Regarding rounded window profiles. I think I didn’t read your message all the way to the end at the time…? maybe I was thinking of the “rounded window” (arch window) which we released at the same time that we added double glazing to all the windows?

In any case, at the moment you can still add the rounded edges manually like you’ve done in the examples you’ve uploaded above.

Adding an option for rounded edges would be difficult to implement (it would add a lot of additional sub-components to the DC).

Potentially we could release all the windows and doors with rounding that we’ve done manually ourselves - so as to save the headache from everyone. But I’m wondering that there may be customers who won’t benefit from default rounded edges:

  1. Some might not want rounding at all. I have aluminum windows here that are totally rectangular. Where if I were to model them for rendering I would add at most 1mm rounding.

  2. If it were metal windows, maybe the rounding would be 3 or 6 mm like in the examples you’ve uploaded.

  3. For wooden windows it could be a completely flat chamfer of maybe 0.5 or 2 cm…

Hi Ciro,
I have sent you a fix for the Bifold component by email.

We’ll be sending the fix to everyone in an official update in a few days. If anyone needs it sooner, let us know.


I’m not talking about default rounded edges, I’m talking about the option to not use simple rectangular profiles but to use rounded profiles. But yeah, providing some sort of “rounded profile package” that you could download additionally would be very appreciated.