Fixing Sketchup's broken ginormous Mac Icons

Annoyed by Sketchup & Layout icons that don’t match the standard for all your other Apple & third-party icons on your dock? Me too, so I fixed it. (See screenshots below)

Not only are they the wrong size on the dock, but in some situations (e.g. cmd-tab app swticher) you notice they’re also clearly missing the shadows that all other app icons have.

The fix is pretty easy though. I took the original Sketchup icons, corrected them in photoshop, and the corrected PNG icons are attached here. (Yay!)

These are the steps to replace them in your Sketchup application, in case you aren’t familiar with how to change your personal app icons on Mac:

  1. Open the attached PNG icon for SketchUp or Layout and copy to clipboard. (e.g. double click to open in Preview, then Cmd-C)
  2. Navigate to Sketchup/Layout in your Applications folder, option-click and choose Get Info from the menu (see screenshot)
  3. Click on the icon in the Sketchup/Layout Info dialog box so that it’s highlighted in blue (see screenshot), then paste (Cmd-V)
  4. Next time you launch Sketchup/Layout, your Dock icon will update to the new proper icon.

After you do this, the Sketchup and Layout icons match all the other proper Mac icons (both Apple and other third-party apps as you see here.)

Note you’ll have to re-do this each time you update Sketchup, until the Sketchup folks fix this.

Before (Sketchup & Layout have incorrect icons):

After: Ahh, much better:

The corrected icons files you can download:

Screenshots references in steps above:

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This method of editing the get info thumbnail is also useful for distinguishing different versions of SketchUp in the dock.