Corrupted Icons


Just upgraded to Pro 2015 and the icons for SU and Layout are white rectangles.

Help please.


Mac or PC, what OS? High Resolution or Retina? Admin rights on machine?


Barry you can see the point that lots of us have been making about needing to easily know people’s setup.
As a sketchup team member could push it to the front of the line.

Not to mention the lovely thread about how to ask a question.


Yup. We did add, which tells the 3dwarehouse team what OS, browser etc… maybe an entry point to forums from SketchUp, where we could pick this information up. Good idea.


Hi Barry

PC Windows 7 64 bit

Admin rights – yes

High resolution or retina??



Screen resolution: Control Panel->Display are you 100%, or higher?

Toolbar images are compiled into a .dll in C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\ Is it only the desktop icons for the application, or are there other missing or bad icons?


Screen resolution is at 100%

Only the SketchUp and Layout icons - since the upgrade last night


By the way I was referring to the icons on the desktop - not in the SketchUp folder.


Right click on the icons or white boxes. There’s a change icon button, apparently from the registry. How was this installed? They are just shortcuts, so try removing and adding new shortcuts to the desktop.


Thanks. The white icon appeared on installation of 2015

Right clicking on the icon to get properties doesn’t allow me to change the programme associated with the icon.

The dialogue box shows this as the opening programme : Windows Shell Common Dll

This help?


Think I have just managed to sort it.

Used a clean up programme to remove broken shortcuts etc. I was then able to change the programme link to Layout etc.

Thanks for your help.


Right click on your Desktop, select New->Shortcut. Navigate to SketchUp & LayOut. Done. Delete the old blank ones.


Many thanks.

I should have made clear that it was the file icons that were white rectangles.

All sorted now.