Fix my model?

I did a model of my school and it is so broken! Im not so good at sketchup. How can i fix it?

What is broken?

chang the file from .skb to .skp

if opening it is the problem

Any help??

How can we help you if you won’t tell us what’s broken?

As other users have already pointed out, you must be more specific in describing how your model is “broken”.

I opened your file after changing the skb in the filename to skp. You have many reversed faces and many faces that have become triangulated.

I suggest you download and look carefully at this modified file: KALMETU PK1-ver2015.skp (1.6 MB) and redo those faces that have the triangulation issues. When that is fixed, orient faces such that all visible surfaces are white (not blue), then either group or componentize specific parts of the model, purge and save it.

[The skp file was downsaved to version 2015 to ensure that you and others can access it with older SU versions.]

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