"Fix Model" dialogue box with Skalp Section

Good Evening

I’ve been using Skalp absolutely loads lately and it’s brilliant!

An odd thing has occurred recently though.

On an architectural model I’ve been working on, when I created a vertical section and then saved the model, Sketchup informed me that the model needed fixing.

Through a process of elimination, I concluded that it was the vertical section I have created that caused this pop up, as when I deleted the vertical section, the pop up would not appear when saving.

Now, to be honest, it hasn’t affected the model or my work, and the views and sections generate perfectly and save me loads of time. They update automatically too. All good really.

So, I’m just curious really. When I close the Skalp dialogue/window, I don’t get the pop up. I do wonder if it’s the “Ground” plane I’ve created, as this is just a plane but is at various angles.

For information, I religiously use groups and components and my layering discipline is rediculously disciplined.

One thing I did look at was the report on what’s been “fixed” but I can not really make head or tail of it, as it names things like “C1284638” etc. Theres only a few items but I don’t know where they are. Also, as I work, I systematically check groups etc to make sure they are all closed, faces the right way etc. as I proceed through various stages of the model.

Again, just to reiterate, it’s not affecting my work, and generates the sections perfectly.

Just curious really. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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