Pop up and crashing when saving on web version

Hi, first post here so apologies if I miss something or do this wrong. I’ve been working on a model of our house on the free web version. At some point, it started getting really laggy whenever it autosaved. This seems to be a common issue caused by too many large components.

But recently, I’ve started seeing a pop up every time it saves that says “Please Confirm: There is a newer version of this model in your account. Would you like to overwrite it with your current changes?” If I click no, it doesn’t save. But if I click yes it often crashes and I lose all of my work.

Any idea what’s going on here? I don’t even understand the message. I can’t understand how there would be a “newer” version of the model.

No ideas from this community? Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Sorry, I missed this post. I would suggest using the Save As command (in the File folder icon) to save a new copy of your file. It sounds like there is some sort of time-stamp conflict with your file. This issue pops up seldomly, but it is indeed on our radar and we are planning to address it. I apologize for the inconvenience to your project. I hope you didn’t lose too much progress.


Thanks Mark. Unfortunately I had already tried the Save As idea. I’m still stumped. Every time it saves it crashes without exception.

Can you try working on the model in a different browser, or even a different computer?

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