First person walk-through


I would like to enter a standard “WSAD” and “mouse looking” first person walk-though mode with face collision and “ground” detection; very similar to the current “walk” mode, but couldn’t edit anything. (‘shift’ enters a “fly” mode). I’m thinking primarily to be used for demonstrations or showing off your model.

A single click on any active components would activate the next interactive thing (like changing steve’s shirt colour)

Variable for scale & speed could be set. (Field of view as seen under the zoom tool could also be set from here.)

If sketchy-physics was part of it, then you could set it to bump/move objects as you move too.

Perhaps be able to load a model to use as your “cursor” and have a 3rd person/angel on shoulder viewpoint.

{A 3D mouse comes close to this, but I’ve not had much success with using one}


Another thought: in this mode you could “warp” to a location via r-clicking or specific key stroke when your cursor was over something.
Maybe you could also show “pins” for each scene - clicking/double clicking on them would move you to that scene.


Yet another thought: it would be nice to have a shortcut key (f something?) that would enter a this ‘presentation mode’: maximise the work area and hide all the toolbars and windows until the shortcut was activated again.


Sounds like the Desktop Viewer app. (Except that it has no Dynamic Component functionality.)


So rather than loading up the model into a new app, it would be nice to just switch to a “Working”/“Presentation” mode.


We’ve asked for this before… specifically that there be a way that a SKP file could be locked as read-only, and when loaded into SketchUp, that the app went into a read-only mode.

That would both the need for the separate viewer application, and allow the API to be loaded making DC interaction available, and also other non-edit Ruby plugins. (The Viewer does not load the Ruby API.)


I’m not too botherered about read-only; I only want to tidy the workspace for a presentation and make the presentation as smooth as possible.
(Actually I would prefer not to have it read-only - I can quicky pull walls or move objects or hide specific groups or draw lines or measure… I still want an editable model, I just want to move through it like I would in (eg) minecraft.)