Sketchy Physics

I’ve been looking for a way to put objects in motion from scene to scene of my animations. Sketchy Physics looks like it could work but I can’t find it in the Extension Warehouse. Is it no longer available?

I would also like to be able to create a stand-alone 3D drawing that can be displayed at a kiosk. I need users to have the ability to rotate the image and click on hot-spots for additional information. Am I asking too much of Sketchup?

Not all extensions are available in the Extension Warehouse. There are many that are not. Go to Sketchucation. there’s much information about Sketchy Physics there. also search this forum as it is a popular topic. Start here.

Thanks DaveR. I’ll give that a look.

Bummer - the description says it won’t work with SU2016 64Bit. Maybe there’s something else?

Look at MS Physics on Sketchucation.

At the moment ALL permutations are 32 bit.
BUT have faith, I am sure the author WILL make a 64 bit version - just keep nagging him !!

The SketchUp Desktop Viewer can do this.

No problem, this is what the viewer is for. It is a read-only presentation applet.

Here is where you move “outside the envelope.”

The Desktop Viewer does not have the Ruby engine, so Dynamic Components are just dumb components.

You can change the Face Style, Shadow Settings, Camera position, Zoom, Pan, Walk around, etc.

You can toggle Guides, Hidden Geometry, Shadows, Axes, Section Cuts, and Section Planes.

You can also play a native animation of the preset scenes (that a set as “include in animation”,) or manually switch scenes with the scene tabs.

But there is no way to load extension or plugins, or do anything interactive with the objects in the model.

Weirdly there is not even a SelectTool tool, nor the EntityInfo inspector. Also missing is the TapeMeasure tool, or anyway to discover dimensions. (Dimensions draw in SketchUp should be visible however.)

Some of us have been pushing for a read-only lock on SKP files, then SketchUp Make could be used as a Interactive Viewer.

See this thread for more discussion:
Displaying designs in an interactive way