Finish this House Entries

I propose this charming timber lodge inspired by those found in the Alps. I took the liberty to add space in the roof with a mezzanine, but it can be seen as optional.


Here’s what we came up with during our live stream!!


Fabulous. See you for Gluhwein at the bottom!

Beautiful work.
Goldfinger was a genius.
I worked in Trellick Tower last year on a Black Mirror episode called Bandersnatch and was blown away by the details there.

Hi! I’ve decided to create a Formula 1 motorhome for this contest! I hope Formula 1 fans (and others ^^) will appreciate this!

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So here is my entry. I didn’t completely respect the rules and did not do the interior.

I also used a tank from 3D warehouse (credit to owner).
I’d just like to say that I am a self taught SketchUp make user with no prior architecture classes (I mean I’m only 16).

Capture d’écran 2020-06-01 à 15.04.12|690x333

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Here is my entry in the April 20, 2020 “Finish this House Challenge.” It is a SketchUp model of a modest, 2-bedroom, 1 1/2 bathroom, 1579 SF, open concept house. I applied some materials to the exterior … to give it some curb appeal. The inside is finished … but no materials (no color) … and no furniture … but there are some built-ins … and the appliances are shown.


Here is the entry from 3-Dimensional Structures / Justin Lewis:

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JTL Version 5.skp (4.3 MB)