Finding keys on the keyboard

Hi all,

Basically I’m wondering if you have any tips to help your hands move around your keyboard to reduce how often you have to look down.

I usually keep my left hand on the left side of the keyboard, because I often hold shift while orbiting in order to pan around. (Edited to add, I also sometimes like to use the top row numbers instead of the keypad to enter dimensions). But I also sometimes have to edit a model which involves a lot of repetitive use of the hotkeys K and M for x-ray view and move.

Usually my hand can move around the keyboard and find the keys pretty well on its own. But sometimes I have to look down. I feel like I’m trying to plug into the matrix here. How was the 4th movie?

I know that seems like a cliche answer, but the more you do it the stronger your muscle memory will be. before you know it you will be tapping keys without the need to look down (until you change or ad a shortcut, of course).
Another thing to do is try to use shortcuts that make sense to you. If you cannot remember that you mapper Circle to Shift+Q, then maybe you should map it to a different shortcut.

I am in the same boat, so I am thinking of taking one of the available online touch typing courses. Should have done it 50 years ago.

I don’t have that problem - when I’m using a keyboard that has a tactile bump on the F and J keys (US Qwerty layout). If my first finger doesn’t feel the bump, one or both of my hands aren’t properly on the home keys!

Alas, my current keyboard doesn’t have those bumps!

For what it’s worth, K is the default shortcut for bacK edges, not X-ray.

Unless you reassigned K to the menu item View/Face Style/ X-ray, what you are calling X-ray isn’t that, but dashed lines showing edges behind the front of your model.

X-ray mode makes faces translucent (semi-transparent), which gives a different appearance from back edges view.

On my phone at the moment but when next at my computer I’ll post images showing the difference.

That’s what I did, as I prefer it. I used K because it seemed kind of close to X… shape-wise.

Thanks for the clarification.