Logitech Gamer Keyboard

I had reached a functional bottleneck in my SUing related to the efficiency of my shortcuts. When I first started using SU (ver2.0) there were relatively few functions and the keyboard shortcut list was small. As the functions increased, I kept assigning keyboard shortcuts that made sense at the time, but they gradually became a “hunt-and-peck” type endeavour trying to find that shortcut. I realized I was getting distracted looking for the shortcut key and it was taking me away from the creative process.
I watched a gamer playing some first person shooter with his mini-keypad and gamer mouse never taking his eyes off the screen, but never missing a keystroke. I decided to try it out with SU. I purchased a Logitech G700 mouse (right hand) and G13 left handed keypad. I programmed in the shortcuts, and combinations that made sense. The most frequent keystrokes are most convenient to my index and middle fingers, while the least frequent keystrokes are more related to my ring and pinky fingers. It only took a couple weeks for all the keystrokes to become second nature and I don’t find myself searching for keystrokes anymore. The keys are easily accessible when I need them, and I have made excellent progress in my modelling efficiency.
Anyone else have a similar experience?

I know someone went all the way…:smile:


I use a Corsair RGB gaming keyboard with special modes for the apps that I use.

All the colours are grouped by tool, input or view. It makes it a lot easier to hit keys.

I am super jealous of my girlfriend’s setup because the machine she uses has OLED screens behind each key. It’s the most impressive control surface I have seen…


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