May I suggest 2 new short cuts

I have set 2 of my own shortcuts:

X for X-Ray toggle
V for Perspective toggle

May I suggest to add them to the standard set?

Cheers, Orlando

I’d vote against this because I prefer that the default set of shortcuts be kept as small as possible. Others are entitled to their opinions; here are the reasons for mine:

The more shortcuts there are, the more effort you have to expend learning and remembering them. What is readily mnemonic to you may be meaningless or obscure to me (quick: why is the shortcut key for the rotate tool “q”?) (extra nerd points if you said “quaternion”). How many questions have we gotten on this forum from people who accidentally activated back edges by pressing the “k” key? Every default shortcut leaves you with one less key you can use for your personal shortcuts without killing a default. The suite of shortcuts that is best for you depends on the actions you most frequently perform and whether they are already wired into a context menu or similar mouse-based accelerator. I’d rather right-click than take my hand off the mouse to the keyboard.


Holy Craap <-- not a nice word?
I did not know this. But I am going to nerd out every time someone says - "Why Q for rotate?"
Did a short read of Quaternion, makes total sense. lol

I always thought Q because the rotate tool’s protractor kinda looks like Q.

X should be avoided as you type 10X or X10 for array function (move copy)
Same for V as ppl use Ctrl+V as copy, and you can be accidentally toggling that.

Less experienced = more mis-clicks and typos


Good point there, Joseph.

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Surprisingly it doesn’t actually cause a problem with 10x.
Although I don’t think any more defaults are needed, as per @slbaumgartner.

yeah, it doesn’t really cause a problem.

but it can leave a lot of inexperienced people trying to attempt arrays…a bit puzzled.

“My model is see-through” <-- possible topic created on this forum.

but it does for x10…


Hence the word surprisingly…:slight_smile:

Ctrl-V is Paste. I use it all the time. I use V for reVerse faces. It’s very handy to have Reverse Faces on a hot key.

I always thought it was because when you take a Quaalude, everything goes round and round.




I had to search up what that was. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed, some people type x10

I would say that you would also have to avoid “m,c,i,n,f,t” so that you can type in specific units of measurement: Meters, centementers, milimeters, feet, inches.

Or you could try and be clever so that any numeric key press disables single alphabetic hot keys until the mouse moves or [return] is pressed.

I have keyboard shortcuts set for those keys. Some of them are assigned by default. Units are added as they’d be written with the numeric first, e.g. 3.5m, 18mm, etc. That’s not being clever. That’s just using the convention which has existed since well before SketchUp. Feet are designated with ’ and inches with ", for ft. and in.