Finding existing font style in model

Is there a way to find out which font you used in past model? I’ve tried going through entity info but doesn’t give any info on the font itself.

Thank you!

What kind of text are you talking about?

It was 3D font that I used in a model about a year ago. I have to make some revisions to the model now for the client and now I cant match the font I used because I was smart enough not to make notes of it…

Unfortunately there isn’t any place in SketchUp that identifies the font used for 3D Text. Assuming you are using the same computer with the same system fonts, it might be easiest to use a font lister application to show samples of the fonts and then look through them and compare them with the model.

For future use, you might consider using ThomThom’s Editable 3D Text extension when you have to create text. It should be able to identify a font used for 3D Text in file where it was used and you could even use it to edit the text if you need to do that. I’ll admiot I haven’t tested it over a long period like a year but it’ll identify the font after several days. I expect it’s using info saved with the file.

It’s an interesting thing, though. I think you are the second person within a week or so who has asked this question. Since the 3D Text comes in as a component, it could be useful to add the font to the component’s description field. Of course that does require some planning ahead but maybe it’s a thing you just add to your workflow. Sort of a futureproofing thing. I like futureproofing my models and although I rarely use 3D Text, it does seem like a good addition.

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Theres a website that can detect fonts if you upload a sample image… I think it’s called Find My Font.