3d text - font matching


I used a specific font in a 3D text but didn’t record what I used. I would like to use the same font in another 3D text. Any easy way of matching the existing one OR finding out what I used previously? (Without having to scroll through every single font test)

Note that the font menu in the 3D text function dialog lists fonts in your system that are compatible, so the list is shorter than your whole fonts folder. If I remember right, only TTF fonts are supported. The 3D text components do not store font information. There are extensions that make the text object editable, but they don’t work on an existing component.

Thanks @Anssi so short answer is “No”. I’ll have to go through manually and find the font by trial and error, correct?

You could try to upload a screenshot of the font here: WhatTheFont Font | MyFonts