3D font change from 2021 to 2022?

Anyone know if this is a thing?

I’ve got a big file with a bunch of 3D text (which I use as a means to organizing rooms and objects) and I’ve just noticed, after updating to the 2022 version, that the default text appearance doesn’t match what I was using before. To the best of my recollection, I didn’t change font style when placing the text in the original file; I’ve always just gone with the default settings, except for size.

What am I doing different/wrong? Anyone know how I might go about finding the font I was actually using before?

3D Text remembers the last used Font, across sessions.
So you need to check what the Font was in your earlier version…
If you still have that version it should start 3D Text with your original Font.
Otherwise you need to do some detective work…

Your image is not very helpful, because you haven’t explained which is the one you want !
The bottom one looks like Tahoma - which I think is the default Font ?
The top one is more like ‘Swis…’ - but who knows what Fonts you have on your computer ??

I think I removed the 2021 version but I’ll check and see. You’re right, though, I’m gonna need to do more research or something. I could have sworn Tahoma was the default in the earlier program but they’re clearly not the same so . . .

Maybe it’s a version of Arial?