Font identification suggestion

I know that once 3D text is created, it is a component that could be edited as a component but not as a text. Would there be a way however to leave a trace/info say in Entity Info - where it would leave an info what font was used to create any given specific 2d or 3d text when the text was created? Often we use the text tool for signage and then we have a really hard time to identify what font was used. It is usually used as placeholder but often enough we come back to that specific text and font as the best one but we have no way to find out which font was used. I am aware of possibility to compare fonts but that is too clunky of a process and not exact. I would imagine there could be some imbedded info somewhere to somehow be able to go back and identify the font. Any ideas?
Thank you


It could be an interesting feature but I guess until or unless it gets added, perhaps the thing to do is add the font name to the component definition name or at least the instance name and do it immediately.

As for editing 3D Text you might have a look at ThomThom’s 3D Text Editor extension from the Extension Warehouse. You can use it to identify the font, change the font, text size and even the text.


The default settings are in the SharedPreferences.json in the user library and are called ThreeDtext:

   "ThreeDText": {
        "Align": 0,
        "Bold": false,
        "Extruded": false,
        "Extrusion": 0.984251968503937,
        "FaceName": "Tahoma",
        "Filled": true,
        "Height": 100.0,
        "Italic": false

These can be changed if you alter them and then quit SketchUp

As they are actually components with the same name of the text, you can make them dynamic and add some info:

It will require some discipline, of course

Thank you! I did not know that! Will try!

please bare in mind that Dynamic Components has an issue with converting ‘integer’ attributes (numbers) into Text: Metric values will be converted into inches (as displayed above). Better to use text attributes if you are on the other side of the ocean :slight_smile: