Fill Void between two group/solid objects

How can I fill the void faster between 2 objects like this in the picture without using line tool

I would have used Follow Me to extrude the profile along the two edges. That would have been fastest. You could extrude each of them to pass through the other and then use Intersect Faces followed by the Eraser to get rid of the unwanted bits.

Follow Me.


That’s definitely the way to do it.

For those who have Medeek Truss, there’s also this:
(to enlarge, Right click (the gif) > Open image in new tab)


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If you need to get materials list for a take off I would extend both past each other, make one unique (assume components) and then miter them with the solid tools. You’ll need to create a cutting block on the miter line - cut one, mirror the block, cut the other.

Otherwise @DaveR has the fastest method.

It is also possible that you may want to just fill in the wedge, Fredo6’s Curviloft can help with that.
GIF 7-02-2024 1-15-05 AM

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Thank you

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