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I have a problem with the use of the function key, follow me.
I have to build a “rubber” all around the tubular rubber boat as in version 1 of the drawing, but in version 2 is not possible.

Can anyone explain me how to do?

RIB.skp (1.1 MB)

Thank You


Here’s what worked for me. I made a copy of the hidden linear elements of the pontoon that constitute a Follow Me path and positioned a copy of the rib profile on it. The extrusion worked fine outside the environs of the boat group, so I then just positioned the rib extrusion and its flipped copy on the pontoon, intersected them and cleaned up the overlap at the intersection.


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Hello Gully

I did as you said, I could create everything around the tubular the “rubber” but I can not create a single volume

I tried to make the union between the two groups but nothing (Test 1)
I also tried to do but nothing intersection (Test 2)

How do I proceed to have a single volume.

I noticed that going to join some groups the rear of the hull closed by creating a slit without explanation.


RIB2.skp (1.3 MB)

Oh yeah, sorry–I forgot about the solid part.

Okay, so I made a single group out of the new rib geometry, and it proved to be a solid. Then I scaled it from side-to-side by .995 to be sure it would intersect with the pontoon all around. Then I performed an OuterShell between the boat solid and the rib solid. To my delight, it resulted in the required single solid.


Hello Gully

Your advice was very important for my project.

I wanted to ask which plugins I use to do a partial filling of the model in order to reduce printing costs.

eg from 100% to 50% or 20%

Some printing services have told me that the handles above the cab can cause problems because small, how can I do?
How can I make snap?