Connecting trim together

can anyone help me? im trying to connect 2 pieces of custom trim and looking for suggestions, i have the trim profile just having a problem fitting 2 pieces together in a 90 deg frame work. the piece is for a cabinet door frame.

Extend each piece of trim to overlap the other at the corner. Select both, and Intersect with Selection. Then just clean up the leftovers.

Assuming that the profile is the same all the way around, could you not simply draw a rectangular outline for the door, attach a correctly scaled section of the profile then just use Follow Me?

Incidentally, if you need more complex use of such sections…like having a central bar, you would find that the solid tools plugin would come in very handy. In the illustration, the outer frame is a grouped solid (meaning I had to get rid of the central panel, which was only a single face thick) and the straight central bar is another group. You can see that their outlines overlap.
By using Solid Tools > Union they are intersected and cleaned-up with a single click.

Darrel, just tried that. the it will only let me intersect face with the model. there is not an option for intersect with selection.

You can only intersect with selection when you have selected something and your selection includes faces with valid intersections.

If your selection has no faces/groups/components intersecting each other, then you have no option

Generally speaking, You only tend to get a single choice of Intersect with Model if you have just a single face selected…or a single group. You’ll either have to Ungroup and make sure you have all relevant faces selected, or use the Solid Tools method above.
If there is a danger of the exploded geometry interfering with the rest of the model, then group it and perform the Intersect operation inside the group using Intersect with Context.

This tutorial is old but still applicable and maybe it’ll help.

Alan thanks for responding to my question. i like your approach to this problem but i seem to have a problem
getting your method to work. is there a tutorial that you can reference to help me get this down?

i just wanted to tell everyone thanks for all of your imput on this question, for a novice like me on a new system all of the input really help.

There is a decent tutorial on the Follow Me tool here.

It’s pretty straightforward. You just need a path (ie the perimeter of the door) and a profile to extrude along it. You just need to make sure that the profile is in the correct position relative to the path; and that it is perpendicular to the start of the path. That’s why I positioned it in the centre of the top edge in my example…not at a corner.

There is a YouTube video on the use of the Solid Tools here.

Solid tools allows you to perform a number of Boolean operations…union, as in this case; but also subtraction etc…rather like using a router on a simple piece of wood to subtract a particular shape.

Just keep asking if you have any trouble.