Creating Cap Trim in wooden model


Hello all

I will try and be as specific as I can as I can’t upload a SKP file right now as I’m at work

I am creating a tool cabinet model and in it I want to draw a moulding frame work on the top of the model or ( Cap trim)

I have tried using the following method:
Draw out the components (3) and figure out the bevel cut 27° on 2 faces and they are also mitered… not been successful

Or do create a profile

and use follow me tool around all sides that I want it on which is 3 sides


I’d draw the molding cross-section profile and use follow-me to extrude it around the required path. Draw the profile perpendicular to one end of the path, select the edges making up the path, activate follow-me, and then click on the profile. If desired you can then draw edges across the corners to create the miter cuts.


That’s what I was thinking … by the way is there a way to create the 3 components that make up the trim the 2 sides and front


Here’s one way you could make the components, keeping the sides the same component definition…


Awesome Ian … thanks for the video very much appreciated… I think I’m going to start creating profile components folder for the future


In a slightly different approach to Ian’s, after adding the diagonals, I would delete the return on the right and then select the geometry for the left return, make that a component making sure that Replace Selection with Component is ticked. Then I would select the geometry for the front piece of molding and make that a component followed by copying and flipping the left return to make the right hand one.


Cool appreciate the advice Dave, hope your well!!!


Thanks Ed. I’m finer than frog hair split three ways. Hope the same for you.


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Worked first time thanks everyone!!! It’s a dark grey color though … that’s ok I’ll live with that


It’s inside out. Select all of it and choose reverse faces from the right click context menu.