Extend tool for groups or components

i would like to join one volume to another one…
better explained with images

starting from this

the result would be

i’m quite sure someone had previously this need…

what do you think of it?

This is done with the native Solid Tools (on Pro editions.)
You can do it manually using Intersect With, see:

And there are some Boolean tool extensions.



mmmmmmm, i’m not sure you understand what i need…
i would like to select the solid that is too short and showing the face “where to go” so that the first solid extend to the face shown…
maybe, i can do it with native solid tool but i’m not that sure ( i have Sketchup 2014 pro edition )
and “intersect with” is quite long and borring

A combo of ScaleTool in one axis, and the SolidTools.

If this is to be done ‘in code’ ???

My ExtrudeEdgesByVector tool does this.
Get it as part of the Extrusion Toolset from SketchUcation.com
In your case you’d somehow find and then select the end face.edges and project those…
You’d project them along a vector - which you’d get from the one of the end edge’s vertex other edges.
Reverse if needed to point towards the ‘target’.
You then do a ray-test of each end edge’s vertex and see it it ‘hits’ something in the target.
If so a make a new vertex along the edges vector from the vertex-point onto the face at that hit-point.
You need a default too, in case there is no ‘hit’.
Then apply the transformation to all of the vertices using the required matching vectors…

If you want a ‘hole’ where the two parts meet [for example to maintain solidity], then you’ll need extra code to remove the ‘internal’ face that the vertex transformation maintains - perhaps removing it before the main transformation, and then getting the new faces resulting from the relocated edges ?

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The Profile Builder 2 extension has this exact feature already.

i’ll try your profile builder 2 extension next week. Thank you

Cool - let me know how it goes. Here is the user guide page for this feature:


of course i will

is there somewhere an older release of profile builder working with SU2014?

(Moving this thread to the Extensions category.)

Sorry, the oldest compatible version of SketchUp for Profile Builder is now SU2016

ok.moreover, i’m very interested in the custom components report…

I just published an Extension that does exactly this and found this thread as a Suggested Topic below my own thread for my new extension :stuck_out_tongue: .

Hope this helps. It’s however limited to SU2016 and later.