Fill areas with colour

Gday everyone

just wondering if anyone can tell me how to gill the living area and outdoor living area with colour?
this is just a bubble designbfor a house.


Open the material browser and select a material from the colors collection (or create your own). Use the Paint Bucket to transfer the selected material onto a face.

You have drawn some faces (like below “Carport”, “Kitchen”), but “Living area” has no face. A face can only be formed when you close the surrounding edges and when they are coplanar.

To debug non-closing faces, orbit the view to see it from the side. You can also draw temporary edges to close part of the face until you find the incorrect edge.

SketchUp is not ideal for pure 2d projects because it has a third dimension. When you attempt to draw only from top view, you inadvertently draw edges that are not in the ground plane. Best use all three dimensions!


It often helps to draw a large rectangle first so that what you then draw is on a face.


I still couldn’t colour in the areas but these are just bubble designs any idea where to start with making this a site plan and floor plan?

thanks so much
'No Hands

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