Hollow objects

Sorry I’m fairly new to Sketch! Is there a way to create a solid shape that is truly solid colour throughout?

I am trying to do a concept of a wall build up and when I section plane it, the components are still hollow, see 1st image. Turning on Section fill isn’t much good as it just fills everything the same colour. Be glad of some feedback.

Have you considered the extension - Skalp?

(Extension Warehouse)

Sketchup is a surface modeler, all geometry is made out of edges and planes, so all geometry in sketchup is “hollow”. Although there are solidtools in pro, they really refer to entities that are watertight ie completely closed skins that can be made to behave like a solid when merging or subtracting their outer bounds. If section fill does not work for you because you need more than one color, you could cut up your “wall” into many different components and embed a different section plane within each component to have multiple section cuts active at the same time, a lot of work. It might just be easier to make a copy of your wall, slice it open manually, (delete the top of the wall) and create surfaces for each exposed area that you can color as you like.

In addition to the Fill option with the Section tools, another option is to use TIG’s SectionCutFace. It will create actual faces that can be painted with materials and textures.

Thanks Dave, SectionCutFace is the best I’ve tried so far, am I right in thinking this can only be used with one colour?? In my wall build up I have various layers with various materials that I need to show.

Look forward to hearing from you.

No. You can paint the different faces it creates with different materials or colors. Since the model was all the same wood, that’s what I used.

The extension creates faces in a group.Like the rest of your model, you should be opening the group or component for editing and applying the textures to the faces. Don’t apply them to the group/component container itself.

Here’s an example with two different materials on the section cut faces.

You would still end up with one color when section cuts are filled.
Unfortunately SketchUp took this route instead of giving users the ability to assign to components an extra “real” material (not the texture) that would be applied to fill a section cut per component. Each component its own fill (or hatching, say wood/stone/steel/etc).

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Shoot, this is true, must have been too late at night for me. You could manifest multiple section cuts by placing them within components, but as section fill is a global property they will all have the same color.
So your options are use an extension which sounds like it working for you, or do it manually which can be made a bit easier with “create group from section”

Thanks DaveR, sorry I can’t seem to create it, would it be possible to do a screen clip of how you created it?

Sorry I’m new to this as you can probably tell!

Did you install the extension? It is accessed by right clicking on the section plane.

Make the desired settings. Since you’ll want to paint the resulting faces with various textures, set the color to and set Locked to No.

After you click OK, it should look something like this:

Open the resulting group for editing and apply the textures to the faces. I obviously used the same texture in this example but I modified it for the different parts.