File Still So Slow!



I have spent so much time and energy making this file smaller and it still hangs up so much when I do simple things like click on a viewport or change a selected scene. My workflow is terrible and I don’t see how I can continue to use this program for my projects. Can someone look at my file and give me any advice or feedback?

Here is a link to the file:!AgH0PVRGBMehhBrEZCRK3xBGhV2h


My first impression is that it’s a side effect of the vector rendering. Vector rendering is quite slow to re-render, which is necessary when changing a scene or altering the camera angle. I’d recommend switching the viewports to “raster” render while you’re making lots of changes to the viewports. Once things settle down, you can switch to vector render to improve quality.



Additionally, in Document Setup you could change the Display Resolution from Medium to Low.


Dear Marc and Trent,

Thank you for those excellent suggestions. I will try that. Of course, it’s tedious to do that since I had switched to the higher resolution in order to print the presentation and am now going back to make changes after the client meeting.

Another question I have is whether I can avoid the glitch I have when I accidentally triple-click on the viewports. When I do that and then click out of it, my panning is all off. I have learned to then ctrl-z to get it back but I wish that it would hold the formatting on it’s own. This adds to my sense of instability when I’m using the program. If the formatting doesn’t hold (I never have the sense that the program is capturing what I have done).

I hope that Layout attains the ease of use and stability of SketchUp which is such an excellent program. Layout solved it’s one weakness which was the difficulty of getting printable output from the models. Since I have both your ears, I want to make a pitch for renaming the program at some future relaunch. It is impossible to do an internet search for just the word Layout when I’m looking for answers to questions or tutorials. I always have to add SketchUp. The program needs a more unique name that is searchable in a useful way.

Thank you for your help and for reading my comments patiently.


In Document Setup you can also set the export resolution to High.
Regarding the viewport… most annoying… I would Rt. Click on the Viewport and Lock it. You can also place its own layer and lock the layer. Interesting on the search issue, I am not sure what we can do there.


A graphical representation of Trent’s resolution recommendation


@MM625 I played around with your LayOut file a bit and it didn’t seem any slower than my files of the same size (15MB). The slowness you are experiencing is unfortunately the norm, an issue that has been widely discussed in the forum, for example here.

I did find, however, that LayOut runs faster when the file is stored on a local drive. Apparently it doesn’t like NAS / networks, at least not mine.

Others have also indicated that a SSD drive helps. Good luck!


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