Updated to SU + Layout 2022. Lots of difficulty with LO file

Good Afternoon,
My colleague and I are having a lot of trouble with a layout file. We are having trouble just clicking from page to page sometimes. The viewports are vector so we know they will take a little bit to render, but we are waiting 15-20 minutes just to click from one page to another. The same happens we updating or rendering the viewports when making a change in Sketchup. We have been reading the forum and such and have the latest graphic driver installed. We are using Dropbox and wondering if that could be an issue. But there is definitely something wrong with the file. Hatches and fills are causing problems too.

Can anyone help?

Upload the file - direct to the forum if it is 15MB or smaller, or to a file sharing service like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or WeTransfer and provide a shared link here.

Are you able to open the file in an earlier version of LO? If so, do you encounter the same issue?

If you are opening files directly from the cloud, yes, that can be an issue. Your Internet connection is much, much slower than the one to your internal or local disk, so reading the model when updating the viewports will be much slower.
Another thing is that your connection is much more prone to errors than the one to a local drive. In the many cases in the forum about corrupted files probably the vast majority is about files opened remotely from cloud services.

And vector and hybrid rendering modes are slow. I use them only for pages that have to be exported to CAD. Raster output is quite good enough for me for PDF files and print, when set to High quality and with JPEG compression turned off. I keep the Display quality at Low as that too is the speediest option.

Hi John, thanks for your reply. Here’s a link to the file in Dropbox

Haven’t tried that. But I’ll give that a shot. Thanks simoncbevans

And thanks Anssi for the input. We might have to give that a try.

As @Anssi indicated, it’s not a good idea to be working on a file directly saved to the cloud. Always work on a locally saved file (internal drive) and upload to the cloud after saving.

Your file does take a fair amount of time to open. Part of that is due to the SketchUp file. It contains a fair amount of unused stuff.
Screenshot - 2_25_2022 , 10_00_17 AM

There is some incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 2_25_2022 , 10_01_30 AM

And I noticed that both the location terrain and location snapshot are displayed in A9 02-STREET VIEW and one of them has been moved relative to the other. That won’t have any impact on the LO file’s slow opening but it might be that it should be addressed. Or maybe it’s supposed to be that way.