File Size - LayOut Slow Speed and Lag

I am having a rough go in LayOut. It is excruciatingly slow.

I decided to extract each page and create a separate file, thinking it would speed up my editing by having smaller file sizes, but it didn’t.

Why would most of the single pages be larger than the full plan set?

SketchUp Model and LayOut files are on an internal SSD, so I don’t think travel time is the issue.

My setup
Windows 10 Pro
12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700KF 3.60 GHz
Nvidia RTX 3080

I have seen layout get slower in recent years as well. I have even opened older projects that ran pretty good as a test and they seem slower in current versions. Your system seems like it should be adequate to run Layout. Im of a mind that as the software gets more powerful my hardware needs to keep up. Im curious like you to find out exactly what the problem is so I can address it. I have done a few things that have helped. It looks like your doing Architectural work like me. Ive made these changes that have seemed to help. I use more than one sketchup model One for the actual building one for the Site work. One model that is a copy of the building with all unnecessary components (furniture, fixtures ect removed) This file gets imported into the site model as a component. In my Layout file I have usually three Viewports that are basically the same each is on its own layer with different styles and tags turned off or on. This sounds like a lot of work but its really not. As you setup your Layout drawing set, you place a viewport set to the Sketchup scene, pick the appropriate scale. I use guide lines that are on their own layer as construction lines. Setup my Grid Labels, dimensions and notes on separate layers. Then if im happy I can copy the viewport past it in place and copy it to a new layer. I have an Output Layer, A working Layer and a Vector Layer all for exact copies of the viewport. So if you need Hybrid as your final output you can have that view port set up and rendered with the correct style. I use the Vector viewport with most tags turned off, and a style that doesn’t have materials turned on that render slowly for dimensioning. Dimensions locate more accurately for me on the crisp vector lines. Similar settings in a working raster viewport. I usually have ISO viewports showing next to a section cut, those are only turned on the the output layer. Turning on only one of these layers at a time they render very fast and dont need to rerender as they would if you switch a view port say from raster to hybrid. I hope this ramble makes sense and helps.