Layout 'viewport' running very slow

Hi guys.
I inserted a Sketchup model in Layout, but the file in Layout is quite slow.
In Sketchup (1) I purged the file, (2) deleted the unused materials and components, (3) used the Clean Up plugin, (4) set up the content in layers; (5) I created the scenes to take to the Layout.
In Layout (1) I configured the screen resolution in low mode.
I will be very grateful to anyone who can help me.
Sincerely, Tiago

i5 9400F 2.90GHz
GeForce 1660 Ti 6GB


LayOut has well-known performance issues, especially with complex models.

One thing that can help speed things up is to switch render mode to ‘Raster’ while you’re working and then switch to ‘Hybrid’ (or ‘Vector’) just before printing / exporting.

Thanks for help me.
But I think my model is not too complex to Layout. It has nothing more 30MB… and it was made (in Sketchup) using layers, purge, components…

Those are all good practices: however model complexity is not just about size, but also the number of edges and faces.


For example, I just finished a project where the model size was only 5.9 MB, but there were over 500,000 faces and 250,000 edges — which caused a noticeable slowdown in Hybrid mode in LayOut. On switching to Raster mode for dimensioning and annotation, the file became workable and a lot less frustrating.

…don’t you find it arduous to select and dimension line work in layout, that is close in proximity to other lines in the model when in raster mode? I sure do! I’m talking down to 0.5" or 0.25" difference from one line to the other.