Layout is really Slow in Viewport and Tags

Hi SketchUp Community.

I am new to this community and apologise if this has been answered before. I currently have a Student 2020 Licence and am having issues with layout being very slow. I have contacted the technical dept and they said they are limited to how much they can help me. They have checked my model and said it is fine. I have done all the necessary checks on my laptop and I reinstalled sketchup. I have purged my model and fixed up my tags as much as possible. Unfortunately, it is unavoidable that my model is large. I need to represent furniture and decor etc. Not sure how this is going to cope when I need to work on two storey homes with gardens.

As I am wanting to become a qualified interior designer and it is important that I can have my joinery scenes, room scenes and elevations all with my model. The model is now about 200mb. If anyone has time to have a look on layout and point me in the right direction as to why layout is taking forever, I will be grateful. I am having problems with the viewport and the tags. It is taking quite some time just to adjust one line in viewport.

The loose joinery that is attached with my model is for ease of access so I can do dimensions and labelling if anyone is wondering. This is the way I am being taught.

Am attaching a link Model File

My laptop is a Lenovo Legion Y740 i7-9750H 2.6GHz upto 4.5GHz and has 16GB Ram, 1TB SSD, GTX1660 Ti, Windows 10 Pro. I thought this would be more than acceptable to use and cope with the sketchup model on my laptop.

Thanks in advance

I don’t know about Layout yet but I’m running CleanUp on your model and CleanUp says it’s got another hour to run!

I ran CleanUp…


and there were 50 validity errors that SketchUp fixed. The model is now 195mb.

The model is occasionally unresponsive in SketchUp.
I imported one scene into Layout and it seems fine.

Are you able to share the Layout file?

I’m not technical enough to comment on your hardware.

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That’s unfortunate. Labeling and dimensioning in LayOut don’t require the geometry to be loose and loose geometry creates other problems.

FWIW, I ran CleanUp3, maybe a little more aggressively than Paul did.
Screenshot - 6_5_2020 , 8_15_19 AM

Before that I fixed some incorrect Tag/Layer usage.
Screenshot - 6_5_2020 , 7_10_48 AM

Got the file size down to 189Mb but it could be reduced even further. There are a lot of overly detailed components in the model. For example there’s a drum inside the washing machine and racks in the wine fridge. They don’t add anything to the overall model except file size.

Another thing to consider if you plan to do any renderings from this model: There are numerous reversed faces. I’ve changed the back face color to purple so they show. Those things should be corrected.

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Hi Paul,

Thank you very much for that. Really appreciate you spending so much time on looking into this. I don’t really know a lot about the clean ups yet and am still learning about SketchUp and layout as well. As I get better, I will be able to recognise things that are not right. The layout file is the same as the one I attached. You bring it over from sketchup to use in layout. I have also been informed that items from the 3D warehouse are sometimes not drawn correctly which can affect my model. Thank you so much again.

Hi Dave,

Another clever person that has been kind enough to help with my model. Yes, I am agreeing about the loose geometry on the side. I may have to put my joinery on a separate file and delete it from my model. I have it so I can update the component if a client wishes to change the colour or handles etc and then it automatically will update in the model. Then the scenes get updated as well for my documents. As for the wine racks and washing machine etc, clients like to see realistic items in their homes for presentation. It’s more for aesthetics, along with the foliage and decor etc that make a home look like a home. As a designer we need to represent these things. In fact they are the ones that take up so much file space. As I explained to Paul, I am learning still and haven’t been able to recognise items from the warehouse that aren’t drawn correctly. Another issue is that designers can’t afford to spend too much time making everything perfect as a client doesn’t want to be spending a lot of their money on extra hours.

I have a greater understanding now why layout is running slow. Thanks so much again for your help and insight.

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