File size / model complexity, that the Sketchup viewer for iPad can handle?


I have a 400MB skp file which my 7th gen iPad can not open (the app crashes). I can open that same file with an older Android tablet which has 4mb RAM (as opposed to the 2mb of the iPad)

I am now considering an iPad pro (2020 or 2021) with 6GB or 8GB ram. Would the pro iPads be able to open files of this size (and even bigger)?

The Trimble connect app can handle that sort of files more easily.
This is on a iphone 11:

The Viewer app crashes

Thanks. Can you show/hide layers, utilize scenes, do measurements etc with this app?

Native sketchup scenes are not supported, but you can set up ‘views’ in the browser and save or share them, add multiple models to view simultaneously, add section cuts, notes, (clickable) urls etc.
Or have objects linked to 2D detail drawings.
Depending or your specific needs, their is a variety of ways to deal with it.

How about Sketchup layers / tags? I am guessing they aren’t supported?

Them called ‘Layers’ instead of Tags(!)