SketchUp Mobile Viewer on iPad Pro - opinions wanted



Hi, I’m in the process of buying an Ipad pro but was wondering how sketchup mobile viewer runs on it. I saw they released a new version recently. I’m an architect and want to show home models to my clients on it. Will it run well? Is there any maximum file size? The files I use are about 15mb. Any input from someone using it may help my decision.


My older phone have handled larger file just fine, although the view-ability isn’t just about file size, I reckon you will be fine with your ipad pro.




My ipad (9.3.4, 26GB) won’t download a model of 2MB- says the memory is full, which is not true (12GB avail)


it just works


I came across your post. I have the same question. I’m considering an iPad pro and my primary reason for buying it is to access my models on jobsites. Im a builder. It seems that the new version now has a functional tape measure tool. Do you find that the Apple pencil is a benefit when using the app? I’m imagining the pinpoint of the pencil makes it easier to use the tape measure tool (?).

I currently use iCloud Drive for storage of all my models so I can work from two different Macs. I have a feeling that to access my models from the iPad I would need a different storage location. Is there a work around? I would prefer to stay with iCloud drive.

Any advice would be helpful.





Sketchup viewer works fine on my ipad pro but it’s really just a viewer you cannot do a lot of stuff. I’m an architect and use it to show models to my clients. I don’t use the pen for that app, but tried it for you with the measure tool, it seems to do the job fine. Does not seem to be able to upload from Icloud tho, I use dropbox but there is also 3d warehouse and trimble connect options for uploading.