File recovery, sort of

Any chance there is a way to get a 2019 file to open in 2016?
The system says to purchase 2019.
I started the trial in 2019 because my 2016 was locking up my computer and I thought I was going to have to just bite the bullet and purchase 19. Needless to say I got the computer working and 2016 works fine now. I can’t find any backups that will open in 2016.

64-bit Windows? There’s an extension by Eneroth3 in the Extension Warehouse that will allow you to open a newer version model in an older version.

Please complete your profile will the actual SketchUp version and license type along with the graphics card and “bitness” of your Windows OS.

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the quick response. Worked like a charm. Saved me a lot of rework! Profile has been updated.