File missing - Backup saved

Hi, I have seen on a lot of topics that files could be missing. I have made a backup file a few days ago on my desktop. The thing is that I have made a lot of change since the backup. I have saved my project online but I can’t find it back now. I have try to connect/disconnect, to go in trimble connect but nothing appears. Could someone help me please ?

If you go to and sign in with the same email address, you can check if it is there.
Sometimes, the thumbnails of the recent files get lost in the free web.
Also be aware that you use the same login credentials and sign in method, if you had used the Apple ID and set it to not using the original email address, you might have got two different Trimble ID’s…

Thanks for your quick reply.
I think that I was a bit lost with the connection method.
I try to connect with apple and it’s the correct account… I find back my project, sorry for the mess and thanks again.


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