File keeps Crashing

Hi, I have a sketchup file that keeps crashing in a way I’ve not seen before. Can anyone advice on what might be causing this? The screen goes pixelated & freezes & I have to force close. Happens every 2 - 5 mins. Hiding heavy objects gives a little more time but doesn’t solve a problem, it isnt a huge file at all either,

Can you upload the file here, to get a good answer?

If it is larger than about 15MB upload it to a file-sharing service like Dropbox, OneDrive or WeTransfer and share a link here.

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could be a broken model from the Warehouse…
Hard to say without the file…

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I dont have any file sharing services that I can use, are you able to suggest any ways I can try to find the issue myself? Here is a screen shot of what it looks like… I noticed it’s only pixelated on the render & not on the toolbars… do you know what that indicates?

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Google drive is free.

That looks like a Graphic card issue. Check that the graphic drivers are up to date, don’t trust windows to tell you they are.


Definitely something graphics card related. If it’s not the drivers , I would be concerned there is a hardware fault

You can sign up for free to any of the three I mentioned as well as to Google Drive as @LinearGraphs suggested.

But updating your graphics card drivers seems to be the way to go. is another option for sharing files. You can upload up to 2 GB of files. If you do that, make sure to click the three blue dots so you can get a link to the file, instead of needing to enter an email address.


I think you might be right as Ive opened it on another computer & havn’t had any issues yet.
I’ll see if I can update it & if that helps

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