Crashing constantly

MacBook Air
Mac OS Sierra
1.3 GHz Intel Core i5
4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Intel HD Graphics 5000 1536 MB


Mac Mini
Mac OSX Yosemite
3 GHz Intel Core i7
16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Intel Iris 1536

I started using Sketchup’s online version a few weeks ago and it was great! But over time it has become completely unusable for two of my files. I began on my macbook air, and it started freezing any time I did anything (add an object, draw a line, etc). I would have to wait for at least 10 seconds for it to unfreeze between actions. Sometimes I would have to click “wait” to avoid killing the page. Sometimes it would just kill the page without giving me the option to wait. I have since restarted my computer, installed updates, cleared the cache/cookies, removed temp files, and disabled all my plugins. Nothing helped.

I then moved to my mac mini desktop, which was fine for awhile (a few days), but now 95% of the time when I try to save the file, it crashes and any changes are lost. I made a single change and waited for it to autosave, to test if it was just me clicking “save” that triggered the crash. It then crashed when autosaving. I did the same process of various troubleshooting things as I did on my macbook with no success.

I installed Sketchbook Make on my laptop to see if maybe it was just the web version giving me problems, but the sketchup file I want to work on won’t even open. When I click to open it, it will say, “‘Don’t Panic!’ Something minor is messed up in your model…” and I click “Fix now.” A dialogue box will appear that says," Everything’s OK now…" and I click “OK.” The file will then open for a split second and then close immediately. I am never able to open the file and for it to stay open.

I tried saving a hard copy of the file on to my computer and then uploading it into thimble as if that process might “fix” something, but nope.

I also tried using Safari (as opposed to Chrome) and that did not help either.

It seems like there’s something wrong with the file (both the original and the one that I saved to disk and then imported) because I am able to edit and save a different file without issue. Would really love to work on the model that I spent time building…

If you attach the model someone may be able to fix it for you or see what the problem is.

Good idea!

Here it is: Amazon Drive

The file was too large to simply upload, so the above is a link to it.

You need to learn to Purge your files, I removed 50mb or so of stuff from it. Everything you add to the file stays in the file until you purge it, on the desktop version you can do that by going Window/Model info/Statistics and hit purge unused.
In the web version it’s the little button in the middle at the bottom of Components, Materials etc
Try this.
Link removed once downloaded.

I’ve had a look at your file in both SketchUp Free on Chrome and in SketchUp Pro. I haven’t seen any crashes. It is a bit sluggish in Free, but it’s still working ok.

I see problems with your model but nothing that would make it crash.

Only read the rest of this if you want my opinions on your model. You have lots of reversed faces, some of which have textures applied to the back face. You have walls with zero thickness, some z-fighting, a cupboard that you pushed down through the floor to hide the drawers instead of chopping them off. The stair looks like a death-trap and doesn’t reach the next floor.

Yes, it could do with a purge but I don’t like to purge other people’s files as they may have brought in components or materials ready to use and then I’d be deleting something they wanted to keep.

Thanks so much! It works now!

Oh this isn’t being used for construction purposes. It’s simply to get a very rough visualization of various things within a house that’s under contract. Thanks for the feedback though.

Hi you removed the purge link. Can you explain the purge thing again or describe the button again. I loved the pro version but I rarely have customers that are interested in paying for models so I decided to use the free form and I get the constant crashing which is annoying. It’s also very slow. I see some say Sketchup 8 Pro is still available and free, do you know how I might get that version?

I didn’t remove a purge link, I removed a link to a dropbox model that I had corrected for him.
I don’t think I can explain purge any differently to how I have explained it above.
The constant crashing you are experiencing might be due to your graphic card, but as you don’t recall it I can’t even guess it.

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