File Icons not showing in Desktop Finder on Mac/Yosemite 10.10.3


All Sketchup files appear blank on the desktop and yet appear correctly inside folders only.


I assume your on a Retina Display, try adjusting the Desktop icon size, they may appear if slightly larger…


What happens when you command-I (Get Info) the file? What’s the Open With application for it? Can you set the application, and click the button Change All… ??


@Barry this came up before at SCF and the .incs is missing a size variant [64px or 128px from memory] which affects some retina laptop macs, if you adjust the slider they reappear, but to large for what people want…

just sayin…


Ah, thnx @john_drivenupthewall I’ll file a bug.


Hi, I was wondering if anyone found a solution to this problem. Re-sizing the icons still don’t work nor does changing the display resolution. Thanks


I use the Add_Icons Extension available from the SketchUcation Plugin Store…


The resizing didn’t work and if you do a get info the document image appears blank also.