Featured artists?

Hello everyone.

I use 3D warehouse for a few years and I really appreciate it.
But I have a few questions about the featured collections and featured artists.

First point :
I’m works for building permits, and for 3D modelings of buildings, and I’ve never seen a featured collection of buildings. Ok agree that there is not only architecture in sketchup, but there is also architecture.

Second point :
For many months (or even years), they are always the same artists featured. Not only this, but the dates of their last works speak for me (and I don’t talk about updates) :
5/10/15 - 11/26/14 - 6/29/10 - 3/9/09 - …

Third point :
Art is a subjective thing, of course. But draw a caster wheel or a board with holes …

So take it for a positive review, to further improve the 3D Warehouse.

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What questions do you want to ask?

Yes, good question ! :smiley:

According to which parameters are defined the collections or the featured artists ?
Is it possible to renew it more regularly, with other parameters ?

We hear you. We’ll bring it up in discussions again. It’d be nice to allow you the users to vote on some of this, even if it was with your eyeballs (views).


Thanks alot for your attention Barry, and jvleearchitects.
looking forward to reading you.

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