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One of my models was recently selected to be a featured model. I was amazed at the interest that was generated. The model was not the one I would have selected, in fact most of my other models are better.
How are the models and artists chosen?
How may I improve my chances of being chosen again?

We try to pick something topical. World Maker Faire was this week-end, so we put up models that we thought Makers would like. Yea, it really does boost the view/downloads. We’re interested in what you’d like to see themed. Perhaps we pre-announce and let people submit, find most-liked, viewed or downloaded in a set of models? It’ll be like a Google Doodle, but we just wont change it daily. Thanks for asking.


I was wondering about how models got to be featured. I wonder why some models aren’t featured as well, and I would like to have some of my models discovered to be feature. Is that possible, or do I just have to wait and see what happens?


Link? None of my models were staff pick, or featured, or anything for that matter, but I was just wondering how people got their models to be featured, or picked by the SketchUp Staff, or however you put it.

PM me your user id (go to your login → My 3DWarehouse) and we’ll see what we can do.


This will help you view all of my models, but many, if not all, won’t qualify.

Very cool. I like your interest in trains… it’d be valuable to transportation engineers and civil engineers for modeling projects. I’ll pass these along to a few people, and show them to a friend of SketchUp’s, John Elder Robison, who’s coming to visit us in a few months and is a huge train fan.

Would love to be featured. Here are my models.