Checked Before Featured?

Does the person/Do the people who choose the models as “Featured Community Models” on the 3DWH home page ever download and actually check out those models? I ask, because there have been occasions that I have seen featured community models that I knew as soon as I saw them that they were not created by the Warehouser whose name was attached to the featured model.

Today, I spotted a model which had elements in it that I knew belonged to other Warehousers, yet the individual who uploaded this featured model did not even have the decency to credit or thank those whose elements s/he used in creating his/her model - now prominently featured on the Warehouse home page. However, it turns out that this person didn’t even put this model together - someone else did.

The “original” was apparently updated recently, but the downloads indicate that the model is not new and has 3X+ the downloads as the currently featured model - another indication that the model most likely was not created by the individual whose name is on that model on the 3DWH homepage. But then, even the Warehouser who first created the model did not credit or thank others for elements s/he used. Ironic…eh?

And BTW… according to another Warehouser, this same model was previously featured not too very long ago with the name of the other Warehouser. :confused:

I realize everything in the 3DWH is up for grabs, but IMO, it’s a different story if the model is going to be “featured.” There are MANY nice models in the Warehouse, and only those that have not been stolen, or at the very least reflect credit where credit is due, should be shown off.

Currently Featured:
Allegedly Recently Featured:

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I found the two models and confirmed they are in fact completely identical.

I bet @psaal has a thought about this.

Good catch! We have replaced that model with something new.


I guess we have similar tastes… but I knew right off that I’d seen this model long before now

Featured: container house, Heather B., 7.7.20
Materials/36 - Polygons/51,408 - File size/11MB - DFO/470.7

Another: House Container small modern design, Izabela S., 3.19.20
Materials/36 - Polygons/51,408 - File size/10MB (???) - DFO/470.7

Another: Casa contenedor Original, Eduardo R., 7.24.19
Materials/36 - Polygons/51,408 - File size/11MB - DFO/470.7

But he gave credit where he found it

Another: Container House, Spime K., 3.10.16
Materials/36 - Polygons/51,408 - File size/10MB - DFO/470.7

But this might be the original: container house, Christorpher I., 10.07.15
Materials/36 - Polygons/51,408 - File size/11MB - DFO/470.7
164,000+ downloads, and it has a description.


Thanks! Fixed it.

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