Is It All Over for Us?

Other than the featured [commercial] catelogs row and the extensions row, I’ve noticed for the past couple of weeks or so that the 3DWH index page has featured only SketchUp and SketchUp Labs models and collections. No collections or community featured models created by non-commercial/non-professional hobbyists and artists. Is this all that will be on the index page from now on? Is this sorta the final attempt at discouraging people like us from displaying our models in the Warehouse?

This is ironic, as about a month ago, I had started looking around to see if there was a different site where I could upload my work… someplace that won’t consider work like mine and that of other artists/hobbyists to be one and the same as the trash that gets uploaded just because we’re not professionals. All I ended up doing was stumbling across a site selling models stolen from the 3DWH… decent models created by hobbyists/artists.

Seems to me there’s been more energy and resources spent trying to decry the work of decent modellers and lumping us all in with the trash, and coming up with every reason why the Warehouse couldn’t be moderated (with a good set of guidelines), than keeping the trash out. It even seems now that when a model is flagged… nothing is done about it.

Sometimes I wonder why I even continue to upload to the 3DWH, but then, it’s really beginning to feel like that’s the intent…


The currently promoted SketchUp Labs models are all Live Components. I don’t know how long those will have the launch-level amount of promotion of them. @peter_saal or @TheGuz may be able to answer that.

My guess is that there is a current promotion of the new SketchUp models and that things will go back to normal once it dies down.

But I don’t really see the issue. Most people don’t visit the warehouse and download stuff from the front page. They primarily run a search for something specific. In that case things are as they have been.

If someone wants something that you’ve modeled. They can find it. Sketchup isn’t hindering that.

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Thanks @colin

I don’t download from the index page either, but the featured models and collections on the index page have often led me to models that I have downloaded, placed in one of my collections, or simply hit the ‘like’ button on.

I wasn’t so much concerned about whether anyone would find my models specifically. For one thing, I’ve never had anything featured on the index page - so mine sure would never be found via that avenue. Second, I was referring to the overall feel of how things seem to be going in general in the warehouse… skewing sharply toward only professional- or commercial-created content.

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my biggest annoyance with 3d-warehouse is this search I made 4 years ago is perpetually in my open search box whenever I open it…

nothing i do seems to clear it !

and does not seem browser cache relate… appears in Chrome, Brave, Firefox…

have learnt to live with it but…

Are you either using a bookmark, or you type the URL and let it autocomplete? The URL you have includes the search you are seeing. Try this link to see chairs:

Considering it’s all free to use, even if this were true — which I’m not sure it is — it wouldn’t spell the end to all the users who do contribute models. It’s a promotion of tons of new content for everyone to use. I’m sure it will balance out once the rollout finishes. This is not too out of line.

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Its a bookmak colin… but it has been synced between browsers… will check it in detail …thx